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Workshop Find your co-founder

How do you find the most suitable co-founder and how can you view and research the dynamics between the co-founders in advance? 

One of the characteristics of successful start-ups and scale-ups is a high-performance team, led by two or more co-founders. Building a strong company is not easy. Let alone find a suitable co-founder. 

As co-founders, you have to complementary, both on knowledge and experience. There must also be a click to be able to work together successfully. The path to a successful start-up can be very stressful and you don’t want to have big arguments along the way. 

An important element is knowing which profile you are looking for as co-founder. In which areas should the co-founder be complementary? What knowledge and experience do you expect? How fast can they learn something new? Which role will the co-founder take up? 

There are various initiatives to find a co-founder. Network drinks, online initiatives, various organizations that offer a matching service, your own network,… There are plenty of possibilities to meet a co-founder. 

Once you met some potential co-founders, then the real work starts. How do you select the right co-founder for your start-up. Just as with dating you’ll have to talk a lot to learn to know the other person. How does someone deal with stress? How can you work together successfully? Who will take up which tasks? How will you divide the shares? 50/50 or are you going for a different distribution? A lot of questions to which you should have an answer before effectively starting a business.   

Finding a co-founder is not an exact science and is often also based on the “unconscious”.  ‘unconscious’ is focus of Systemic Shifts. Systemic Shifts uses systemic organizational constellations to reveal hidden dynamics in organizations . These hidden dynamics can cause problems so that an organization does not achieve its goal or functions sub-optimally. 

Systemic organizational constellations are based on the principles of family constellations, a method developed by Bert Hellinger. 

During this (introduction) workshop we’ll look at the impact of a co-founder for the start-up, the mission and the product or service. All elements are part of a system and must be in balance to work in an optimal way. 

This workshop is based on the master thesis “How systemic constellation can contribute to the recruitment process”, in which the systemic principles are used to select the “most suitable person for the organization”. 

Systemic Shifts, founded by Wouter Gheysen aims to promote systemic work in companies and organizations. Wouter’s interest in systemic started  attending a family constellation in 2010. During his first constellation, he saw the possibilities of systemic work in companies. In 2012 he published a master thesis “How systemic constellation can contribute to the recruitment process”. It was the recording of the results of his research on using systemic constellations in recruiting new employees. During several workshop he explored ways of getting insights on the impact of a new employee on the organization system. Over the years, Wouter experimented with different applications of constellations in companies, such as drawing up a business model, branding and market position topics. In 2020, Wouter completed his training as an organization facilitator. That year, Wouter also founded Systemic Shifts with the aim of guiding organizations in dealing with complex issues. 

Date: March 1 st 2021

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