Systems thinking and systemic thinking are related concepts, but they have slightly different meanings.

Systems thinking refers to an approach to problem-solving and decision-making that emphasizes understanding complex systems as a whole, rather than simply looking at individual components or parts in isolation. This approach involves examining the interactions and relationships between various components of a system, and recognizing that changes in one part of the system can have ripple effects throughout the system as a whole.

On the other hand, systemic thinking is a broader concept that refers to any way of thinking or approaching a problem that takes into account the broader context and interconnectedness of different parts of a system. This can include systems thinking, but it can also include other approaches, such as looking at the social, cultural, and political factors that shape a system.

In short, systems thinking is a specific type of systemic thinking that focuses on understanding and analyzing complex systems, while systemic thinking is a more general term that encompasses any approach that considers the interconnectedness and broader context of a system.

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