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The Investors Challenges when investing in a Startup”.

For the next edition of the Systemic Talks, I invited Cecilio Fernández Regojo.

During the training I attended with Cecilio, he mentioned that he often works with investors who use Systemic Constellations to decide i. which companies to invest. 

As I’m always interested in new ways of using Systemic Constellations, I asked Cecilio for a Systemic Talk as I was really triggered by this possibility. 

Investors have questions like:

  • Shall I invest in a certain company or start-up? And how will I invest? And which amount?
  • When is a great time to invest?
  • How can we support the founders of the start-ups when we invest in them?
  • What kind of involvement is the best to have in each start-up?
  • How can we keep our risk as low as possible?

Investors in start-ups are more than just money providers. They bring also knowledge and expertise to the table. So also for founders of start-ups it’s important to know who might be the best investor.  

Using systemic constellations, Cecilio will bring more clarity and insights on your investment related questions. 

During this sessions, we’ll run 2 to 3 small constellations to get more clarity and insights on the investment related questions. There’s a possibility to work with your own cases. So if you want to investigate or explore what might be a good investment, then here’s your chance.