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My story

It all started in 2012 when Wouter Gheysen, the founder of Systemic Shifts wrote his masterthesis on using Systemic Constellations in the recruitment process. Not a typical subject for a master thesis but he believed in the concept of systemic constellations. 

During the last 8 years Wouter experimented with different types of constellations and in 2020 it was finally time to launch Systemic Shifts.

Wouter has been working in big and smaller organizations and noticed how issues always came back. That’s why Systemic Shifts wants to use Organizational Constellations in companies to make the underlying patterns visible in order to find the right solution. 

What I do

Systemic Shifts support organizations and companies in making hidden patterns and complex issues visible in order to discover the right soliution.  

My methods

There are a lot of techniques to deal with complex issues but we use Systemic Constellations to bring more clarity and insights in the complex issues. 

A Systemic workshop can be online as offline. In group or in a 1 to 1 setting

Our Values

Systems Shifts lives the same values that we actively encourage with our clients:

  • We value the bigger picture and leave no one out
  • We value an open mind
  • We value continuous improvement
  • We value a passion a trigger to keep on improving and experimenting

Wouter Gheysen

Wouter is a coach, systemic facilitator and a workshop addict. 

Systemic Coaching and Systemic Constellations are my passion. For me they are tools to facilitate change, provide clarity on issues where people and organizations struggle with.

Since I discovered systemic work my view on the world changed. At first I, as an engineer was very sceptical but the moment I was participating in a constellation I was sold. I was blown away by the clarity a constellation could provide on complex issues. Suddenly a hidden issue, which has been around for years became clear and as it was clear the path towards a solution became also visible. 

At that point I knew I wanted to learn more about systemic work. I started experimenting with constellations in different settings and kept on building on my knowledge by reading all the books on systemic work I could find. 

In 2012 I published “How constellation can contribute to the recruitment process”. An innovative way of selecting the best candidate for a company. 

In 2020 I founded Systemic Shifts to bring the power on constellations to organizations and companies to support them with complex issues. 


A 14-day training to become a organization constellation facilitator, by Philippe Bailleur and Leanne Steeghs

Do you need support to get more insight in your organizational issues? 

We would love to work with you to get more clarity on the issue and try some alternative solutions for the issue. 

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