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What are Systemic Constellations? 

What's a system?

A System is a number of elements that are connected to one another in a continuously changing relationship”.

In other words, a system is any group of people who regularly work, learn or play together. So, it includes owners, founders, boards of directors, employees, companies, departments, products, market, clients, teams, etc. within companies, sports clubs, schools, hospitals, local authorities etc. The common denominator of these organisations is that they are made up of human beings. Systemic behaviour occurs when humans operate in a group.

The Systemic Principles are:

  • Respect is the most important principle (what is, must be allowed to be)
  • Everyone in the system has the right to a place (right to belong)
  • There must be a balance of giving and taking between individuals, between individuals and the system and between different parts of the system.
  • The system requires that certain priorities and orders of precedence should be observed. These include length of service, specialist skills, qualification, functional hierarchy, competence and particular stakes in the system.

What's a constellation?

 A Constellation is a method of mapping/modelling the team or organisation to bring to light the information about systemic issues. Using this information, we can advise the client on potential solutions to restore harmony and balance in the system. The method is very quick and moves in several steps from diagnosis to resolution. There is no need to disclose detailed information about the organisation, so confidentiality is guaranteed.