Case Study SkillFast
SkillFast*, an online training company founded by 3 friends has grown in a short time to a company with 16 employees (3 teams). However, the company results were not following the increase in staff. Deadlines are often not met, there’s a lot of miscommunication, priorities are not clear, the vibe is below zero,…   Two founders (A & B) have each 40% of the shares while the 3rd founder (C) has 20%.
Burning Question: 
How can we turn this negative trend?
The intervention started with the 3 founders, trying to find their place in the room. in the room. The representatives can choose themselves a place in the room. Founders A and B are standing next to each other, opposite of founder C. They aren’t really looking at founder C. 
Founder C however, is watching both other founders.  (Picture 1)
In the next step, we added the 3 people, each representing 1 team. All 3 teams can find their own place and are standing closely to Founder C. The teams feel quite nervous and are alternatively looking at all 3 founders. They inform that a clear direction and clear instructions are needed. The teams feel related to Founder C as he understands them. That’s why they stand beside him. (Picture 2)
Outcome of the session: (intervention time 100min)
A new organizational structure has been defined (Picture 3) Founder C takes up the role of HR-director, focusing on the wellbeing of the employees while the 2 other founders will alternatively take up the role of a CEO. When founder A will focus on the daily operations, founder B will look at the long term strategy. They decide to switch every 6 months. Before the switch, a town hall meeting will be organized with all the employees to explain the roadmap for the upcoming 6 months, celebrate the past 6 months, and to make an official switch of the roles. Every month the 3 founders will meet for a strategic alignment meeting. After 1 year there will be an evaluation.
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