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Scenario workshop

What if I do this? What would be the impact? This type of questions is known to entrepreneurs. Every choice has an impact on the business. 

How do you make the right choices for your business concerning strategy, pricing, product/market strategy? 

Recruitment constellations

Hiring the right candidate is crucial for every organisation. A mismatch will cost you time and money.

Traditionally a candidate is selected after some interviews and maybe an assesment. But does the person who ranks the best on the test and interviews is really the candidate you need? Constellations can help you in the selecting the best person.

Decision making workshop

Making the right decision for your business  is not easy in these complex and dynamic times. 

What would it be if you could test some possible implementation in a safe environment? 

Will your customer like your new product? Does your product has the right price tag? Let us test it…

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