Systemic Talk with Marcele Barabach – Waterconstellations

Talk in Portugese with English translations

During our next Systemic Talk, we are going to explore a great innovative way of running Systemic Constellations. Some time ago, I discovered water constellations and Marcele Barabach will guide and inspire us to use water constellations in our practice.

Marcele will explain us the ins&outs of waterconstellations, when to use it, how to use it and much more.

Marcele Barabach is a lawyer, a mediator, a speaker, lecturer and mentor in systemic law. Graduated and postgraduate in Law.

But it was in systemic practices that I found my place in law, in advocacy, and in life.

Passionate about the transformation of conflict, I am at the service of facilitating the path of conscious development of legal professionals, connecting them with a greater sense of the law, enabling the practice of the profession with purpose, prosperity, recognition and balance with the other roles in life.

I believe that a prosperous lawyer is one who understands the importance of her profession and puts it at the service of life.

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