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Masterclass with Wim Jurg​

If “brands are built on the strengths of their individual elements and their feedback loops” as Wim Jurg claims, then the power of branding options can be truly unravelled by looking at how they interact. Adapted from the welldocumented process of systems constellations widely used to examine the complex and built-in patterns involved in families and organisations, this PhDthesis demonstrates that branding constellations are useful to dissect these feedback loops and to reveal emergent elements that clarify these loops.

Jurg (2010) Unravelling branding systems

Bio Wim Jurg


Wim Jurg is the author of “Unravelling branding constellations”, a book he published in 2010 as result of his Phd. Wim Jurg (1957) was educated (master econometrics and graduate psychology) at the University of Groningen (1975-1982). He subsequently works in marketing positions at various organizations. In combination with a position as lecturer in marketing at the Open University, he became an independent entrepreneur in 1990; first in the form of Jurg & Jurg together with his brother, then as The Constellation Company, where he focuses on applying system configurations to brand issues, called brand constellations. He obtained his PhD on this method in 2010 at Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2016 Wim stops his activities at the Open University and starts full-time with Wim Jurg Brand Development to contribute to the sustainable growth of Dutch SME brands by systematically coordinating the conscious and unconscious knowledge of ambitious management teams.

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