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Are you a Systemic Constellation facilitator or interested in how using Systemic Constellation in a Business Context?

During this masterclass with Martijn Meima, you’ll discover how to facilitate systemic constellations in an online setting.

During the Covid-19 crisis, some systmic facilitators eplorerd new ways to run constellations in an online setting.

Many systemic faciliators had questions like:

  • How can you use Zoom during the sessions?
  • Can I facilitate constellations online?
  • Can I provide the same insights to my clients?

During this masterclass Martijn Meima will share his experience and knowledge about conducting online systemic constellations.

Bio Martijn Meima

Martijn Meima, the business intuition expert in Europe based in the Netherlands, specializes in helping business people produce better results through intuitive practices. Intuition is overlooked in a world where the focus is on quantifying and predicting. In his work as a coach, trainer and consultant he combines his business background with the powerful merits of intuition and intuitive methods, like business and family constellations. He has been facilitating constellations for more than 10 years and has done this online as well as in real life. He has a degree in Management & Organization from the University of Groningen and has been educated in NLP, professional intuition, energy work and the narrative approach. His constellation education has come from many different schools giving him a unique mix of techniques, mindsets and approaches to faciliating constellations.

Martijn has found ways of making business spirituality practical and down to earth. With his humor and sensitivity he makes his trainings fun and deep and the same time. With his years of experience he will be able to provide you with background information and practical tips and trics.