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Recruitment Constellation


Isabelle and her partner Philippe are running a successful consulting business and receive a lot of
qualitative candidates. Their candidates must have knowledge and experience in following

  • consultancy
  • training 
  • services 

Most candidates are good in one domain but lack experience or knowledge in the other domains. For this case Isabelle selected two different types of candidates. 

Burning question:

Which candidate would be the best match for a long-term project in a sustainable relationship? 

The constellation would be successful when she has more insights about the type of people she can hire to grow her consultancy business. 


First the two partners of the company are positioned together with the client from Isabelle, where the candidates should work.

The client reports that his eyes are switching between both partners, but his main focus is on Isabelle. At this point the facilitator brings in a new element which represents the mission and the values of the company.


Now the client is moving backwards and has a clearer view on both partners. The first candidate steps into the constellation and takes a place next to the client as he wants to serve and support the client. The client however is that the candidate is standing too close, because the candidate is not an employee of the client.

According to the client the candidate should take a position between him and the partners from his company. The partners value the determination from the candidate and his focus on the client but also realize that the position of the candidate is not next to the client. After those words the candidate takes a new position between the client and the partners. The first candidate leaves the constellation and the second candidate takes a position in the setting. 

Candidate 2 is taking a position between the partners and this confuses the client as he has no idea anymore who is the contact point with the company as the candidate is standing between the client and the partners. When the facilitator asks the client about the new situation the client informs us that het has no sight anymore that’s the contact point of the company. The candidate is standing on the wrong position. The facilitator asks candidate 2 to find a new position but candidate 2 is adrift and doesn’t find a place where he belongs. At this point the constellation is halted as the insight is enough for the client of the constellation.

Isabelle reported after the constellation that she was surprised and perplexed and at the same time she understood that the perception of the client and the candidates could be exactly as shown in the constellation. The constellation showed Isabelle the difficulties to apply for a job at her company.


In the following up interview Isabelle informed us that after the workshop she and her partner changed their way of working and define a new framework with the mission, vision and values of the company. This framework is presented to the candidates and they can make the exercise for themselves if they would fit in the organization. The workshop gave her also more insights in a better way to organize the recruitment process and constellations give another dimension to the recruitment process, it looks to the selection from another point of view which is very valuable.

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