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Some questions always come back so it was easier to bundle them together. 

General Questions

Systemic Constellations are a solution-focused process which helps organizations to identify complex organizational issues and gain a deeper understanding about underlying dynamics of those issues in a very time and cost-efficient manner.

Constellations are a way to make issues and complex challenges visible. 

Organizational constellations are an autonomous consulting method for initiating useful changes in organizations.

This ‘living map’ can help the leaders and team members better understand what is going on in their system and what are the possible ways to move forward.

Organizational constellations have their roots in family constellations, a method developed by Bert Hellinger. 

Some examples of complex organizational issues:

  • Growing your business in a complex world
  • Mergers & Acquisitions of companies
  • Teams are not performing as expected
  • Sales are slowing down and you have no idea why
  • Testing a new product and get unbaised client feedback
  • Design re-organizations and transformations
  • Hire the right people for your organization

Systemic Constellation follow different steps. Starting with a burning question, something that has a big urgency to be solved. 

Once all the elements are defined which are part of the solution, the elements are placed in the room. Every element will interact with the other elements as in a living system. 

Placing the elements in the room will make the hidden dynamics visible and allow interventions to provide flow to the constellation. If all elements find the right place a system can move on. 

Constellations are not a role-play exercise or any kind of acting. It’s not a standard script that is used.

Systemic Design Sprints can be used in a wide range of organizational issues and challenges. 


  • Merging of two companies
  • Difficulties to create new products
  • Explore market/product fit
  • Creation of a new strategy
  • Entering the new market
  • Resistance to change
  • Team dynamic issues

Yes. Systemic Constellations can be done remotely with the same impact as a constellation in an offline setting. Due to COVID more and more facilitators started with online sessions and the results are the same as if it took place in a setting where everyone was in the samen room. 

Do you need support to get more insight in your organizational issues? 

We would love to work with you to get more clarity on the issue and try some alternative solutions for the issue. 

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