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An organizational constellation is a working method in which taxing patterns that can occur within organizations can be made visible.
These patterns reside in the ‘unconscious’ of an organization, and surface through symptoms, such as:

  • A problem or conflict persists for years without a solution
  • There are dormant conflicts that cannot be properly named
  • There is a certain ‘rigidity or rigidity’ within the organization
    Despite training, experience and quality, someone does not come out well
  • A department does not feel well managed or disputes the manager
    Several successive managers face the same problems
  • Poor communication where people feel not heard and understood
  • People feel undervalued
    There is a high turnover; employees tend to want to leave
  • Lots of internal competition
  • BurnoutWhen these burdensome patterns have been made visible through a constellation, the client (often a board member, a director, a manager) has gained insight into the root cause of the problem, and can then act on the basis of his or her own expertise.

Systemic work is a form of work in which not only the person himself, but the entire system in which someone functions is taken into account