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Systemic Talk with Yishai Gaster

For the 2nd Systemic Talk I invited Yishai Gaster, a Trainer and consultant in Systemic Constellations from Israel.

Yishai is the Founder of Remind Consulting, a constellation-based consulting company and founder of ‘The Institute for The Study of systemic Constellations’ Israel. He has been practicing Systemic Constellations since 1996,

Yishai carries on the constellation work in many fields, aspiring to continue, develop and promote Systemic Constellations work and thought in all its different aspects in different fields of society; from the caring professions to the organizational, the educational, the political and the scientific fields. Continuing to research, develop and find new frontiers for the application of Systemic Constellations. In Organizational Constellations: Constellations and HR, Constellations and Leadership, Constellations career, Constellations in Research and Development, and Constellations in resolving Organizational issues.

We’ll discuss:

☑ running a constellation based consulting business,
☑ how to use a systemic approach in project management
☑ how leadership can benefit from constellations

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The Systemic Talks are organized by Systemic Shifts to promote the systemic work in organizations and teams.


Feb 24 2022


19:00 - 20:30

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