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A brand constellation approaches the brand as a set of brand elements; in short as a system. In a brand setup, the most important brand elements from the brand system are used to gain insight into the effect of a considered brand decision. In general, four phases are distinguished: approximately one week prior to the branding, during the branding, immediately after and approximately one week after the branding.

The preparation consists of a combination of conscious and unconscious thinking and feeling about the question Which brand elements may be affected by this brand decision? For the unconscious thinking it is essential that about a week is taken for the choice of these brand elements. Due to the limited human cognitive capacity, seven elements is generally the maximum that can be drawn up; the fewer elements, the brighter the dynamics. The preparation of a brand composition usually takes place in the following way:

Agreeing the brand decision (intervention) to be tested by manager and supervisor, for example new formulation of the brand promise
Identifying key elements to see this effect for branding system; Ideally, this takes place on a daily basis, a week prior to compiling an e-mail exchange with the supervisor
Logical system design of letters for each element by supervisor; approximately two days for preparation, such as M = Brand, H = Current Brand Promise and N = New Brand Promise
Feeling of brand elements that may have been overlooked by the manager by the supervisor.
Implementation of branding
In this phase it is about acting unconsciously. In line with brainstorming, it is essential to intuitively choose and place the brand elements before they are interpreted rationally. During setup, the approach is usually as follows:

Intuitively choosing the most important brand elements from the current situation and pasting the corresponding letters by the manager
Instinctively placing brand elements from the current situation in the room by the manager
Possibly proposing possibly missing elements by the supervisor and drawing them up by the manager
Add or. replacing brand element for considered brand decision.
Dialogue immediately afterwards
The dialogue afterwards is necessary to put into words the eureka feeling that the brand setup evokes. The approach to a brand setup has the following standard procedure after the setup:

Associate separately on brand elements chosen by manager, starting with intervention and working back from there
Determining the most important elements in the branding system and their significance for the intervention
Associate on relationships between intervention and key current brand elements
Dialogue about further insights that a brand attitude evokes in the manager.
Evaluation brand composition
Conscious evaluation afterwards is necessary in order to be able to explain the decision to others. A brand setup is generally concluded after about a week by:

Concept report by supervisor of brand constellations and conclusions regarding intervention
Dialogue about draft report between supervisor and manager
Final report on brand constellations and conclusions with regard to intervention by facilitator.