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Branding Constellations

Discover how to get more insights in your branding with systemic intelligence

Branding Constellations is a new, experiential, groundbreaking method that helps to gain insight into underlying connections and dynamics in marketing, brand and communication problems or challenges:

  • What opportunities do I miss in my marketing, brand or communication strategy?
  • What is the real position of my brand in its market?
  • Which element in the current branding model (brand footprint, …) no longer matches the current market context and objective?
  • What makes my brand struggling, stagnating or declining?
  • What makes our target group seem to drop out?
  • What is the mutual relationship between the various stakeholders?
  • How do I get my preferred strategy sold to the management team?
  • We want to launch a new product or campaign. How will the market react?
  • How to choose between 3 alternatives (eg for a product, communication, mission…)?
  • What does the entry of new competition into the market mean?
  • What innovation is missing?



During the intake, the facilitator and the client discuss the case and define together the different elements, which have an impact on the case of the client. These elements will be used during the constellation. 


During the constellation, the different elements will be placed in the space and the facilitator will guide the constellation to provide more insights for the client to make a grounded decision concerning his case. 


After the constellation, together with the representant and the facilitator, more insights are shared with the client. 


Each client receive a report with conclusions and recommendations concerning his case. 

Constellations can take place in a face-2-face settings and online. 

Readling list

Unravelling branding systems

Wim Jurg, PhD (2010)

If “brands are built on the strengths of their individual elements and their feedback loops” as Wim Jurg claims, then the power of branding options can be truly unravelled by looking at how they interact. Adapted from the welldocumented process of systems constellations widely used to examine the complex and built-in patterns involved in families and organisations, this PhDthesis demonstrates that branding constellations are useful to dissect these feedback loops and to reveal emergent elements that clarify these loops.


Ulrich Cremer 

Classic methods of brand strategy have one thing in common: they are expensive and time consuming. With the branding there is now a workshop tool that leads to reliable results within hours! Branding is a visualization tool that provides impressive answers to a wide variety of questions about brands. Whether it’s about positioning, crowding out a competitor or reaching the customer: brand positioning makes solutions tangible and thus promotes successful implementation. Exciting case studies from the food, financial services and mail order industries demonstrate their effectiveness. After all, who wouldn’t want to know how the coffee and confectionery chain arko manages to reconcile the expectations of its customers as soon as they enter the store?