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Branding Constellations


A method that considers all influencing factors of a brand at the same time and creates the practical basis for necessary changes.


Widely applicable from strategic questions to assessments of new ideas. Mergers or acquisitions, reorganizations, new appointments in management, change of agency, launch of new products under the umbrella brand or new brand in the company, effects of new legal regulations or entry of additional competitors.


Brand Relaunch – What’s a good approach to brand relaunch?

Brand appearance and its effect on regular customers or new customers

Competition – brand vs. relevant competitors in a defined market 

Brand communication – new image campaign and its effect

Brand competence – Which core competencies / values ​​will be most powerful for new brand activities in the future ? 

Market expansion – What would be relevant / promising market scenarios in which the brand can establish itself? 

New target groups – Which target groups are (still) relevant and have good potential for brand future scenarios? 

Strategic alliances , cooperation partners ...- In what way does a planned alliance or cooperation affect the brand and its environment? 

Brand deficits, brand losses, success blockages …  decline in sales / image losses etc …

What is the hidden brand topic? – What is it really about? What is the ‘hidden’ profit?

New products, sub-brands or a new range of brands ... – How does the new affect the brand, the customer, the retail …?


  • After the constellation, I gained some new insights into the complexity of my branding issue. These insights helped to find a solution to grow my brand. 
  • The constellation confirmed my “gut feel” about the new direction for my products.