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A branding constellation is a systemic and visual representation of a branding issue. 

What’s a Branding Constellation? 

A branding Constellation is about optimizing a brand as a system. There are six characteristics that distinguish the physical and the online working method from the implementation in the family constellation and organizational constellation:

  1. Preparation approximately week prior to branding: to activate the unconscious extra.
  2. Hidden method with letters: to promote the purity of the representatives
  3. Working with brand decision as a system intervention: to check the expected positive effect of brand decision
  4. From a maximum of six concrete, unambiguously defined core elements from the current brand situation that provide insight into effect
  5. Client chooses and positions all representatives: for optimal transfer of unconscious inner connotations and optimal acceptance of experiences representatives
  6. Video recording and report for client: to generate specific arguments for or against decision.

Developing brands is one of the top priorities in marketing



During the systemic dialogue, the client and facilitator are discussing the leading question, without revealing too much information about the brand. During this interview, the element wich will be part of the constellation are discussed. 


The projection phase  consists of two parts:

  • Element projection: assign a representant to each element defined in the interview phase
  • Systemic Projection: addressing the relationships between these elements by positioning them in the room


During the systemic intervention, the facilitator will conduct some interventions, by adding elements to make relationships visible and to bring insights concerning the leading questions. 


After the intervention, a final constellation will be created, called the “Vision Constellation”.  This is the final picture of the constellation. 


Unravelling Branding Systems by Wim Jurg

Markenaufstellungen by Ulrich Cremer