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What’s blocking your business growth?

Get insights and clarity on what’s blocking your business potential and define the next steps  through systemic coaching and constellations

We are a systemic constellation-based consultancy specialized in making organizational issues visible and guiding you toward solutions.

I help business leaders to discover their limiting patterns and discover the next steps to unleash their full potential. 

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Systemic Constellations is a new and innovative method for solving complex issues for companies, teams, and individuals who want to develop their full potential. 

What does Systemic Shifts? 

We help business organizations, SME’s and companies to resolve critical and complex business challenges and validate new ideas and solutions in weeks, not months of years. We use Systemic Constellations, a proven advice and intervention method. 

What are Systemic Constellations?

Organizational Constellations is an innovative and powerful approach to support people, teams, and organizations in getting clarity and insights in complex problems to create a path towards a solution. Organizational constellations provide insight into patterns and processes in a company. Constellations aim to make ‘hidden’ processes in systems explicit and to give them meaning. Incomprehensible behavior of departments, groups or individuals becomes clear. With an organizational constellation, you gain insight into a problem in a different way. Not by talking about it or thinking hard about it, but by ‘experiencing’ what that feels like.

Systemic Constellations is a powerful tool for navigating complexity and helping teams move through intense dynamics with greater ease, efficiency and alignment.

Systemic Constellations is a solution-focused process which helps organizations to identify complex organizational issues and gain a deeper understanding about underlying dynamics of those issues in a very time and cost-efficient manner.

Systemic Constellations is a methodology for analyzing, diagnosing and solving organizational issues. Complex problems can have very simple solutions when we make hidden patterns visible and apply systemic thinking to let solutions appear. 

Systemic Constellations

Constellations can be used in a wide range of organizational issues and challenges. Constellations can be done in an offline as in a remote setting. 




Case studies

Learn more about our way of working by these case studies

Recruitment constellations

How to choose the best candidate for your organization? Do you choose the one appearing as first from the tests? Or do you choose the person who fits the best for the system?

Business Organization

How can a growing training company improve their way of working? Skillfast is a growing learning company but as they grow the performance reduces. How can we turn the tide?

Branding Agency

How can a branding agency experience the impact of a new service on existing clients? Can we upsell to our existing clients or do we need to attract a new segment and a new range of customers?

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