We help companies with complex organizational problems

 We are specialized to make organizational Issues visible and guide you to solve those issues. 

Systemic Shifts. is a complex problem solving agency supporting organizations to make complex issues visible and support them in finding solutions to overcome these problems.

Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations is a solution-focused process which helps organizations to identify complex organizational issues and gain a deeper understanding about underlying dynamics of those issues in a very time and cost-efficient manner.

Systemic Constellations is a methodology for analyzing, diagnosing and solving organizational issues. Complex problems can have very simple solutions when we make hidden patterns visible and apply systemic thinking to let solutions appear. 

Constellations can be used in a wide range of organizational issues and challenges. Constellations can be done in an offline as in a remote setting. 

Use cases for organizational constellations

Define a new organization strategy

Vision Creation

Team conflicts

Decision making


Integration after a merger or acquisition 

Explore new market / product fit

Testing new ideas


Organizational Design

Resistance to change

Case studies

Learn more about our way of working by these case studies

Recruitment constellations

How to choose the best candidate for your organization? Do you choose the one appearing as first from the tests? Or do you choose the person who fits the best for the system?

Business Organization

How can a growing training company improve their way of working? Skillfast is a growing learning company but as they grow the performance reduces. How can we turn the tide?


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